How Counseling Helps

Change is Going to Happen...Embrace It!

Counseling could help better than your friends and family… How?

Counseling in a lay man’s language is a practice through which one on one talks with a professional could help one solve their personal problems or help get a better attitude, behavior or character. But all this could be done by talking to a friend or family too! Well, here’s the catch, family and friends would tell you things that they think are right for you, where as a therapist would guide you and help you find a solution to the problem in a way that you want it to be.

We often tend to run or turn to family in times of a problem. However, they tend to overload us with their opinions and providing various options, leaving the actual question clashing or overlapping with all the other perspectives. Facing such situation is generally a mess where it gets hard to identify which perspective is your own and which came from who and what is the right thing to do. On the other hand, when those same people look up to you for suggestions, you might choose to take the easier way or show them a simpler path. However, if something went wrong you were the one to be blamed, if not by them but in your own head you tend to blame yourself for their failures.

Preferably, you go up to those whom you trust, but usually these people try to influence you instead of helping you. However, the one trying to help you should understand you, recognize your feelings and help you plan your own viewpoint towards the problem. On the opposite, such individuals debase your emotions and give recommendations dependent on their own point of view. Such a step makes more problems as you may address whether you should pay notice to your very own feelings or not!

People whom you are close with, would often get involved with you emotionally. This is most likely to happen all through the times that you are disturbed or troubled. How so ever you feel either sad or anxious, they are most likely to be worried or feel the same tension. Moreover, your kith and kin might face problems in handling your negative emotions over and above their own, though they are most likely to be unaware of such mechanism.

When you feel stuck and feel like there’s nothing more to do, then counseling is the best way out. You might want to turn to your nearest and dearest for help. However, they won’t be able to see you suffering or going through a bad phase. In addition, they will again have their own perspectives and have a feeling to be emotionally connected to your problem. Consequently, you might not receive the help you are looking for.

On the other hand, a counselor is an individual who is a professional at his or her work and will show you, your true self in the mirror, without expressing their own perspective through the counseling process. Such a professional help to handle your own emotions and make out sense of your actions. Lastly, the counselor will help you figure out your problems in the best way possible.

We may thus conclude that counseling helps you understand the best and worst in you and how to deal with any problem you face. It helps you connect to your own feelings, opinions and perspectives. Finally, it helps you solve your own problems in a way that feel is the best!