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We believe in holistic nature of wellness and care & that it should be addressed emotionally, physically, mentally and relationally. If you feel overwhelming, or have been suffering emotionally, look no further and reach out to us.

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Anything you want requires you to break through short-term pain in order to gain long term pleasure. Imagine the relief of openly discussing your struggles, fears, regrets, and despair with a skilled psychologist who can give you one on one attention. You better tomorrow starts today!

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Have you been suffering, but hiding it? Are you competent and happy on the outside, but suffering and hurting or broken on the inside? Are you afraid of what the society or the people around might think if they knew about your thoughts and feelings? Come over then – let us begin the journey of a happier and healthier life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by counseling/therapy?

Counseling or therapy is nothing complex but a session in which a person can talk about his/her feelings, thoughts, emotions, problems, etc. openly without being judged. The counselor will understand your problems and will help to find a solution to your problems by relieving your anxiety and depression.

How can your therapy help me?

You can talk about anything and everything with the counselor in your session and this will help you feel relaxed, stress-free, burden less and happy. You will be able to find answers to your many questions and solutions to your problems with the help of our therapy session. Our psychologists will guide you and not decide for you.

How many sessions do I need in all?

This totally depends on how much tangled the wire is i.e. this totally depends on an individual. Sometime people feel relieved just with one session while sometimes they need to opt for a more sessions.

What should I expect from your therapy?

You can surely expect relief from stress and anxiety of work and family. Psychologists are unbiased and non- judgemental.You will happy and relaxed after the therapy. And, many times, you may even seek out answers to your so many queries.

Who are the counselors?

We have two professional psychologists, Divleen and Zuha Afshan who are the masters of their field. They will listen to all your problems and will help you to find out the solution to your problems.

You can check their profiles on your website, https://therapy1on1.com/ to get more details about them.

What is the cost of each session?

The session can differ as per the session type and number of sessions. You can check https://therapy1on1.com/packages/ for proper info on this. The minimum amount of a session is INR 400.

How can I book an appointment?

You can visit our website https://therapy1on1.com/ and click on the “Book an appointment” tab on the website, wherein you can fill all the required information.

You can also contact us via the WhatsApp number +91-8968307121, which is there on the website.

We are also available on the mail-
changinglives@therapy101.com norish2flourish@therapy101.com

What are the options in which therapy sessions can be conducted?

We offer 3 types of options in which you can have a talk with the counselor

    • Chat session
    • Audio call session
    • Video call session
Which is the best time to contact you?

We are available 24*7 for you.

Everything that I would discuss with you will remain confidential?

Yes, everything that you discuss with us will remain private and confidential.