Affect of social media on Relationships

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Is Social Media And Technology Affecting Your Relationships?

Yesterday in the evening, while I was working on my next blog, I suddenly felt a sudden urge to have my favourite ice-cream from my go-to ice-cream parlour that is just ten minutes of drive from home. Mom was sitting in the other room, perhaps skimming through TV channels or her social media account. I messaged her to ask if she too wanted to order something for herself, but she didn’t want anything. I went ahead to order a scoop for myself. I know it charged a little more for that amount of food, but nevermind, I had to calm my taste-buds.

I’m pretty sure you may be wondering what this chap really wants to say. It’s something we all do, right! Now that’s my point, my friends. I said I messaged my mom who was just a room away, and I ordered a scoop of ice-cream paying more than its value. I did not even take the pain to bother my lousy body, why because ‘why to when I have all means to be a lazy couch potato?’ This is what technology has surely turned us into. But again you are not here to read all that cliched stuff about the ‘boon and bane of social media and technology’. Let’s talk about something more serious, something we might be seeing, but tend to overlook for it is simply convenient.

With the advancement of technology and the popularity of social media networking we have certainly evolved in all aspects of life, achieving considerable refinement and smoothness in our mundane tasks. However, not all of the change that we have welcomed with open arms and smiling faces is worth appreciation. Humans are social animals. That we all know. We all have a need to socialize, make friends, interact, communicate, go out, party, etc, etc. Evolution, undoubtedly, has cast its spell over our socializing skills, and the change that has crept in is certainly doing more harm than good.

Technology definitely weaved for us a superhuman highway of information- the internet- and social media networking has definitely helped connect the entire world. We have access to almost anything and everything. But let us have a look at the flip side of the coin. These have barred us to our homes, rooms to be more precise, and have us hooked to screens almost all the time. First technology crippled us by making us overly dependent on it and now it is stripping us off our very humanly qualities- socializing. We no longer feel like sitting and talking with our family. And this is not limited to any particular generation. We all have been enslaved by technology and social media. ‘We don’t need a human for our entertainment’ is something we all have in our minds. Isn’t it so? And as far as work is concerned, machines and devices have got our backs. Again we don’t need any ‘human’s’ help.


Well, I know stuff has been a little exaggerated here. It’s not that we don’t sit together as families, or we don’t talk, or go out. But to a great extend connection has been lost. That intimacy in relationships has definitely diminished. Our priorities have certainly changed. Let’s take minor examples that we can relate to. Look at the child-parents relationship- we share jokes, news and other information, but mainly through social media platforms, children feel no need to ask queries to their parents regarding studies and projects for they have access to these through varied devices, and on weekends the sight is so pitiful; we all are sitting in our own rooms hooked to our devices, and if we have to communicate we have cell phones for that purpose. Relatable as hell, right? We all are in this together. We all are guilty of the foolishness mankind is making. Anyway let’s proceed to another relationship -marriage. We can also take dating here. Now the problem these special relationships are enduring is the same again- communication gap. We all have been caught in the vicious circle of technology and social media addiction. We are always up to posting stuff on our accounts, sharing with all what we are doing, what we are going to do, who we are with, and so on. At the same time we are also keen to know about others’ life plans and happenings. In this curiosity we really forget to make the most out of the time we are getting to spend with our loved ones, who may or may not be doing what we are. Eventually people start feeling that their relationship is not working. How will it, pal? You are not interacting. You are sharing millions of posts online but not even one good memory to sit back and cherish when you are alone. Why will you? Your devices never let you feel alone and bored, right! They are essentially our best friends.

This is the stark reality! This is how we all are staying in touch,digitally. However, in reality we are falling apart. Our relationships are crumbling under the roof of social media and technology addiction. There is an unfathomable gulf between us and our loved ones, and it is becoming hard to bridge it day by day.

Do you know why we are facing a surge in stress in our day-to-day lives, and why all of a sudden an array of mental-health issues have come to light? The answer is right infront of our eyes. The human body practically shows a positive response, when in stress, to gestures of love. Yes mates, a simple hug does wonders in reducing stress levels. Since we are devoid of such expressions of love in our “real lives”, all thanks to our so-called addiction, we are unable to handle the persistent amounts of stress that we all are invariably exposed to on a routine basis. This eventually makes us susceptible to innumerable physiological, psychological, as well as emotional problems; depression, anxiety, attachment problems, emotional instability, personality disorders, substance abuse, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, etc are just a few from a never ending list of issues that humans are facing now-a-days due to acute stress.  Therefore, if we really want to sustain health and happiness in our lives, we must start prioritizing our relationships because these are man’s most precious possessions. We should be able to strike a balance between real and virtual life. One really does not need to give up on technology and social media. But we need to take up real life relationships a step ahead of these. We must not lose the touch, the intimacy, the love and care, for really our bodies cannot take that much of stress.

Do you feel that your relationships are crumbling? Are you drifting away from your loved ones for no reason? Have you lost that intimacy in your relationships? Is your addiction to social media and technology costing you your relationships? No need to worry anymore. If you have acknowledged your problem, my friend, you have already taken a step towards a better you. Think no more, contact therapy 1on1 and get your relationships back on track. Choose your health! Choose your happiness! Choose therapy 1on 1! We strive for your health! We strive for your happiness! Coz your life is definitely worth it.