Attracted To Your Sibling

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What To Do If You Are Attracted To Your Own Sibling?

Imagine! You have been invited by a relative of yours to a small family reunion dinner. You are really excited to meet all of your cousins, uncles and aunts, especially those of whom you had just heard of, and never met them before in person. You put on the best of your clothes. I mean ofcourse, who wants to look like a dork on such occasions? And perhaps, you even practice some one-liners in front of the mirror, to feel more confident. Finally, you reach the venue. You greet every one, hugging, kissing, wishing,etc,etc. And then…..there comes a scintillating voice from behind, greeting you. You feel a little awkward, for you don’t really know the person approaching you for a handshake, or may be a hug. You feel strange. A spark, maybe, lights you up. There is a strange surge in your emotions, and your mind seems to be occupied with perplexed feelings and thoughts that you cannot just explain. Amidst this chaos, you are introduced to that person by a relative of yours, as being your cousin from a distant place. At last, you bring yourself up to reciprocate to the incoming greetings. And, that touch! It does something to you. You have goosebumps! You have shivers running down your spine! Your heart is racing! Your body seems to be emitting so much heat at this point, as if, as if it has turned into a kiln. Following this, you just seem to have turned into a powerless creature. Your body seems to have lost control over its senses, incapacitating you to do simply anything. All you feel is an instant connection with your newly learnt cousin. You seem to be drawn towards him/her. And this feeling is so strong, so overwhelming, that all you are willing to see is him/her, and hear what he/she has to say. And, things don’t end up here! You start to dream about him/her, fantasize about him/her. And there is nothing that can stop you. No fear, no guilt, no shame!

Now, things may not be as hyped up as this imagination. It might just be that you feel unable to take your attention away from your sibling. May be, even the connection was not that instantaneous, but the result of meeting time and again. The situation may vary to any lengths. However, the question is ‘Are you attracted towards your own sibling?’ If you are nodding in the affirmative, guilt-laden, there is no need to feel thus. Now, if I know about an experience like that, I definitely know where it all comes from. And if that is so, it means that you are not the only one to go through something bizarre like that. All in all, this article comes as a breath of fresh air, to relieve you of your guilt and to assist you out of the fix you are in.

Genetic Sexual Attraction [gsa]!

You must be dumbstruck to learn that there exists a full-fledged concept that explains the hows’ and whys’ of your experience. Yes, there does! Let’s look into it.

The term ‘Genetic sexual attraction’ was coined to explain the strange feelings of sexual attraction that some people experience when they meet their blood relatives for the first time as adults. What happens in this phenomenon is that two individuals, related by blood, who did not meet when they were young, with adoption, immigration, divorce, sperm donation, etc being in the backdrop, feel a strange connection when they meet as grownups, which they cannot explain. Such individuals seemingly have no control over their thought process; they are unable to stop themselves from feeling a particular way towards their relative, which is nothing but a taboo, in most, if not all, human communities.

To be honest, it is still not definite what causes one to feel thus. Genetic sexual attraction has been considered by many as a pseudoscience, to be fake. But with the rising number of stories that are coming to light about such incestuous relationships, there are a number of explanations that are being suggested.

What has mostly been accepted is that humans show a tendency to be inclined towards those who share some degree of physiological and psychological similarity with them. Now, since blood relatives definitely have greater similarity among them, it explains quite well what may be causing such attraction to stem. Therefore, it may be reasonable to accept this hypothesis that explains why, leaving a whole world of people, some chose to enter a love relationship with their newly found father, mother, brother, sister, and so on.

However, if this be so, why do we not have any instance of romantic relationship among relatives who are domestically close? According to another suggested theory, which is again not an absolute one, it is because relatives who have lived together in close proximity for a significant amount of time, they are supposedly desensitized to sexual attraction amongst them. Consequently, the thought of having such a relation disgusts them. Since, individuals who could not endure the impact of this phenomena, which is called the Westermarck Effect, having been estranged in their early years, they fail to be desensitized against such feelings that are largely not acceptable, and become susceptible to GSA.

Should You Seek Help?

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Now, you may be wondering that I have put you in a dilemma, by subtly stating that this whole notion of GSA is a work in progress. You may be thinking hard as to what your next step should be. Should you’re really seek help? Of course, you should!

No doubt that owing to the sensitivity of the topic, we don’t have much efforts being taken up by researchers to explore this phenomenon, and rid it of the ambiguity that surrounds it. Nevertheless, it cannot also be denied that the situation exists in reality. We certainly have a place for such frenzy experiences in psychology, which is bountiful with areas that have not been touched upon, and that, at the same time require immediate attention. Most importantly, the fact that you are here, skimming through this article desperately, is enough to suggest that you are most likely to be suffering as a result of an experience which is as intimidating as mind bobbling it is. We understand you and your predicament.

Genetic sexual attraction is bound to give rise to a complex range of negative feelings, that are the part and parcel of this atypical experience, for obvious reasons; shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, to name a few. If you are enduring such a state that has perplexed you to the extent that it is interfering with your normal functioning, it is a signal that you should seek professional help. None, but one who knows and understands your situation can help you. Confide in our professionals who have enormous experience to tackle a crazy crisis as this one. Choose your health! Choose your happiness! Choose therapy 1on1. We strive for your health! We strive for your happiness! Coz your life is definitely worth it.