Childhood Trauma

You can spend a lifetime trying to forget few minutes of your childhood.

Can Childhood Trauma Be Cured?

Childhood Is The Time That We All Cherish Invariably. Those Strolls And Slides In The Park, Devil-May-Care Attitude, No Responsibilities, No Expectations, And No Worries. As Blissful As It Is, Childhood Encompasses, Undeniably, The Most Significant Years Of Our Life, For It Sets The Ball Rolling For Shaping Our Overall Personality. Hence, It Is Vital For Parents To Be Well Aware Of The Experiences Their Children Are Exposed To In Their Formative Years To Ensure That Their Overall Development Is Neither Impeded, Nor Directed Towards An Undesirable Direction.

What Is ‘trauma’ Or ‘traumatic Event’?

Sometimes children have life threatening, or even extremely unpleasant experiences that leave an indelible impact on their psyche. Such events are known to us as traumatic events. There is no definite definition of the phenomena ‘TRAUMA’. Anything that fiddles with the normal physiological and psychological functioning of an individual can be regarded as being traumatic. There are innumerable events that can be traumatizing to a child:-

Neglect At Home

Physical, Sexual And/or Psychological Abuse



Divorce Of Parents

Death Of A Loved One

Life Threatening Accident

Witnessing A Grave Situation [such As A Severe Accident, Murder, Rape, Suicide,etc]

Natural Calamity [such As Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption,floods, Landslide,etc]

Newly Sustained Injuries That Are Lifelong

Failure To Accomplish A Desired Goal


How Trauma Plays Its Part?

It is well understood by now that anything from a severe accident, which is universally accepted to effect all, to a break up, which may pass as being a minor issue, can be potent in turning one’s life upside down. Now, it is important to know that how these traumatic events effect a child also varies. This depends not only on the event entirely, but also on how the child perceives it; an event may be traumatizing for one, but not for another. Furthermore, the degree to which the child is effected also varies; while some children are able to overcome the trauma, in others the effects may linger for a long time, and May even continue to hinder their progress, unimpeded, throughout their lives.

Often, the impact of the trauma is manifested in the behaviour of the child soon after the unpleasant experience. However, in some cases the child may begin to show signs that he is in trouble after a significant amount of time has lapsed. It is very important that these issues are resolved at the earliest, or these can take a toll on one’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being, eventually bringing their self-confidence down, along with his ability to perform well, and maintain healthy relationships with self, and others.

When a child is traumatized, irrespective of the nature of event, he needs a strong support system to emerge out of those unpleasant memories that refuse to leave his side. In the absence of the conducive environment the child may resort to practices, to help himself, that may instead end up making him maladjusted, furthering the gulf of his sufferings:-

A traumatized child may turn to substance abuse, or binge eating,

One who was bullied may take up this heinous crime himself to relieve the anxiety and anger associated with his memories of being bullied,

The child may show truant behaviour,

He may withdraw from socializing completely,

The child may indulge in unhealthy and unacceptable sexual behaviour,

The child may even involve in self-harming practices,

In this way a poor child may end up creating more problems for himself in his attempt to solve one, all by himself.And in this process,the child is more likely to be inflicted with some other psychological disorder as well, such as:-

Personality Disorder




Binge Eating Disorder, And So On

Ways Yor Child Is Telling You That He Is Suffering?

Now that it is clear what trauma is and how it can jeopardize your child’s physical, emotional and psychological well-being, you may want to help him outright. Isn’t it so. Worry not! Therapy 1on1 is here to help you by all means.

Parents, do not feel helpless for you can detect if your munchkin is suffering within, even when he is not vocal about it. You can help the poor soul get rid of the bundle of sorrows he may be carrying for a substantially long time.

A child suffering from trauma, experiences and exhibits some of the following behaviour:-

Depressed Mood


Mood Swings

Erratic Behaviour

Easily Startled Or Frightened

Frequent Nightmares

Frequent Flashbacks Of The Traumatic Event


Shivering And/Or Sweating Unreasonably

Social Withdrawal

Lack Of Interest In Usually Enjoyed Activities


Emotionally Cold Or Too Easily Hurt

Conflicts At Home And/Or School

Restless When Facing Particular Situation

Panic Attacks

Frequent Complaints Of Body Aches

Irrational Alertness

Ask Yourself Honestly If Your Child Is Showing Such A Behavioral Pattern, All Of A Sudden, Which Is In No Way Close To Normal. If The Answer To Your Question Is Yes, Then It Is Time For You To Take Things Seriously. At Times Parents Are Well Aware Of The Adverse Circumstances That Their Child Has Been Through, Along With The Right Anticipation Of The Repercussions That Await Their Little One. However, At Times We Overlook The Graveness Of The Situation. We Think That The Child Needs Space And Time To Heal, Oblivious To Our Pivotal Role In Helping The Child Out Of The Dark Pit He Has Fallen In. We At Times Overestimate Our Children; We Think That They Will Approach Us As And When Needed. And This Is Where We Go Wrong. Not All Children Are Vocal About Their Pain. Children Tend To Have A Lot Of Inhibitions Of Which Their Parents Are Unaware Of. At Times They Want To Deal With Their Things On Their Own, At Others They Want Parents To Intervene Rightfully. However, In Order To Not Come Out As A Weakling They Chose To Remain Mum. On The Outside They Put Up A Brave Front, But Inside They Are All Shattered, Incessantly Crying For Help. And This Is Where Things Get Out Of Hand. The Child Chooses To Suffer Alone, While The Parents Are Confident That Their Child Will Emerge Victorious Out Of The Problem. In This Miscommunication, The Child’s Normal Functioning Is Disrupted To The Extent That His Personality Emerges On The Surface As Being Incongruent Or Inconsistent With His Real Self As Well The Society. In Other Words, Their Stands An Individual Who Is Simply Maladjusted. Such A Tender Age Is Childhood! The Tiniest Of Things Can Sometimes, Occupy The Whole Of The Heart. Therefore, It Is Imperative To Remain Cautious About The Experiences A Naive Soul Is Having In This ‘Wild-Wild World’.

How Can We Help?

It May Seem To Some That Overcoming Traumas Is A Cake-Walk. However, It Is Not So. It Takes A Lot Of Time And Patience. But This Does Not Mean That They Must Be Endured. Of Course, ‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’; It Is Always Better That Trauma’s Be Treated At The Earliest. Even An Individual, In His Later Years, Who Is Bothered By Memories Of His Traumatic Childhood Experiences, And Feels That These Unpleasant Memories Are Impeding His Progress Can Be Helped.

Do You Feel That You Or Your Loved One Needs To Get Over An Unpleasant Memory That Is Getting In Way Of Your Progress And Happiness? Therapy 1on1 Is There To Your Rescue. Endure Not What Can Be Cured. Choose Your Happiness Over Your Inhibitions! Choose Therapy 1on1! We Strive For Your Well-Being! We Strive For Happiness!