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What does Therapy1on1 help with?

Therapy1on1 provides easy access to counselors online to help you deal with a wide range of personal and emotional problems. You can chat anytime, anonymously and confidentially with any of our experienced and certified Psychologists who are trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Learn to deal with negative emotions like Anxiety, Anger, Hurt, Grief, Sadness, Loneliness, Hopelessness and use therapy to deal with difficult situations like Relationship issues ( Fights/cheating/lack of trust and communication) , Stress, Work place issues, Family issues, Marital Conflicts, Depression, Anger outbursts, Addiction, Phobias, Procrastination, Lack of Self  confidence and many more……

Is Online Counseling Effective?

Most of us would say ” Why should I talk to a Psychologist, Counselor or Therapist and discuss my personal issues who knows exactly nothing about me”? This is the major challenge we face at Therapy1on1 and we wish to clear all the myths about seeking help.

Counseling or Therapy is a talk therapy wherein a person can share his/her problems in a confidential environment. Therapy1on1 has all Licensed Counseling Psychologists who are going to try their best in improving your relationships with yourself, significant others and within systems for optimal psychological well-being. Most of the people who seek Counseling are skilled, bright and stable people. These individuals might be struggling with certain problems in specific areas and might seek help for their personal growth and development. Psychologists help you in dealing with the problems being faced. Our Therapists practice Cognitive Therapy which will help you to remain healthy throughout your lives. After all, Health Mind leads to Healthy body and we at Therapy1on1 want to take care of your personal lives.
It is quite effective. A number of studies have been conducted by different institutes regarding the effectiveness of Online counseling and have shown promising results. People who need immediate help do not need to wait for long hours for their turn. Mentioned below are some of the studies that show the effectiveness of Online Psychological treatments:
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You have to be near a divorce to qualify for marriage Counselling

Marital Counseling can be beneficial for couples who suffer from mild, moderate or serious problems or couples who want to attain greater marital happiness. Why to wait for counseling until a divorce seems imminent? Couple Counseling has given great results when it comes to Therapy1on1 and we have around 20 thousand happy clients. Premarital Counseling, Couple Counseling or Marital Counseling will not guarantee that a divorce will not happen, but will definitely guide you toward the best decision for your relationship. Some Couple Counselors see members of the couple individually for 1-2 sessions to augmented couple counseling but the ultimate goal of the relationship Counseling is to strengthen the couple’s relationship. So, seeking counseling from Psychologist, Counselor or a Therapist is not a bad idea.

How many sessions does it takes for the whole process?

As they say” How long is the piece of of string?” Reality is it just depends on your situation. Some problem are bigger while some are smaller. Some people want to address all their issues while some seek just the basic guidance to make improvements in their lives. Our psychologists are professional trained licensed psychologists and wont judge you at any phase. Your Therapist search ends here. Are you in search of best psychologist or in search of anxiety therapist near you? Well! The search ends here. You don’t need to worry about finding a Counselor. Our talking therapies will definitely work for you. Therapy1on1 aims to develop relationship with the clients which is beyond the contract and wants to spread positive vibes all around. Top psychologists will help you out whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression just need a minor guidance.
” We are all Ears”

What is Online Counseling and how does this work?

Online counselling is a convenient way to find an expert to pertain to your psychological and emotional concerns and consult with them. You don’t need to wait for long hours. You can use our platform to sign up and gain access to all the experts on our platform via chat, phone or video. Once you have signed up, you can go on to book a paid session. Once the payment is made, our representatives will get in touch with you to get the session going.

Is this Confidential & Safe?

Yes, the experts do not reveal the content of the session to anyone. We recommended that you do not use your real name while generating a username for yourself. The content and data exchanged between the experts and you, is encrypted and will prevent anyone to gain access to such sensitive and private information. The users are solely responsible for disclosure of any personal information during a session with the experts. For further details, on how we deal with your personal information, please visit terms and conditions page.

Who can avail Therapy1on1 services?

Anyone above 18 yrs of age, from anywhere can avail these services, irrespective of nationality, gender, sexual orientation. As stated above, the experts are equipped to deal with a range of concerns. Children below 18 years can avail these services under parental guidance.

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As a therapist, my goal is not to change you but enhance and strengthen the person you already are. The therapy I offer

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I would like to help individuals in a way that they regain their mental health and come out of the bad phase stronger than.

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