Breakup/ Rejection

Sit back and relax all you need is a good counselling


Breakups are painful. But do you think that what exactly causes the pain? The person, the person’s memory, the broken and shattered dreams and promises or our inability to let go of what was not mean to be?

Google is flooded with numerous quotes and topics dealing with the ways to deal with a breakup, but how can anyone decide the correct and accurate way to get over a heartbreak?

Heartbreaks can cause a lot of damage and in my view I do not think that there is even a single human who has not been through a heartbreak. No? Therefore, the first step towards the happiness is the strong acceptance of the fact that the relationship which meant the world to you was just not meant to happen and has come to end.

Every human on this planet has been through the struggle of dealing with a break up. Break ups can either break you or make you. But the choice is always yours, wither we can sit and sob about what has happened or we can take it like a lesson, learn from it and move on with a broad smile on our face.

Break up. Split up. Separate. Divorce. Those verbs have pretty powerful, dramatic weight. They are vivid and active. They do damage—especially to the heart. A broken heart feels heavy, laden with sadness and fear, but a broken heart can heal.There is hope.

I was madly and totally in love this man that I knew for two years down the lane. He was the best boyfriend, I could ever ask for. He was everything that I needed, everything my heart required. He made my heart smile and my eyes shine, every time he was around me. His voice gave me goose bumps, his touch made my heart skip a beat, his smile lighten up my world. After few months of being together, we finally decided to sleep and yes we were each other’s “FIRST.”

Now comes the twist to our story, few days later to that, we were not the perfect coupe that we had been. Suddenly everything that we did or wanted to do, every discussion led to fights and arguments and one day, HE CALLED IT OFF. People asked me if it was painful. Obviously, undoubtedly, it was and still is painful. But the only thing that keeps me going is the realization of the fact that “IT WAS NOT MEANT TO LIVE FOR THIS LONG.” Every relationship comes with an expiry date which like most of the things on this planet is not in our hands. Sometimes the camera of my mind replays the scene of my younger self, lying on the bedroom floor, sobbing uncontrollably in devastation. I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t let that unhealthy relationship continue. My body shattered, and I could do nothing but fall to pieces on the floor. We broke up. I broke down, and somehow I had to find a way to live without this man that I loved.


Hope to find love again. Hope to live again. Hope to be happy again. For every Deepika there is one Ranveer who will read her in the most correct and beautiful way. He will help her to bring her out of her insecurities and shower her with happiness and love which she has deserved from decades.

How to handle a break up ?

In order to begin with the process of manage a break up, you need to start by letting go of what has happened. This pain, these heartbreaks, they shape us and change us. Every one of them touches your life differently, but getting through them is all the same. It’s hard and its heart wrenching, but we do it, even when we don’t want to. There are ways we can make it easier on ourselves though.

1. Acceptance: I know that accepting someone’s absence has never been easy but acceptance of the bitter truth of the broken relationship or acceptance of the truth of him/her not being around you anymore will bring you one step closer to a happy life. Acceptance does not mean to “move on” from what you had for that human but to have a mutual understanding with the fact of truth of failure if a certain relationship and moving on with the good memories leaving behind the memories that keep us indulged in the bad side of the story.

2. Speak about it: In order to overcome a heart break, it is important to speak your heart too. I know that many of you are not comfortable with most of the humans on this planet but my friend; you need to find that one human to whom you can spill what you have had in your heart and brain for eons. Make a list of your top five people and then figure out the person whom you are the most comfortable with.

P.S. I still do not have the top five people in my life, and in case you fall in the same category, you can contact us any time and add us on your list.

3. Invest in yourself: Investment does not mean spending heaps on money on yourself but sometimes it means giving yourself the love, care and time that you deserve and require. For once in your life, you should start to love yourself because that will give you all the courage and strength to look beyond the broken heart.

Sometimes you have to be SELFISH to be SELFLESS.”

4. Get back to what you have ignored: we humans tend to ignore the urgent things in order to chase the important things. Now it’s time to follow and get back to what you have ignored all this while. Working on your incomplete projects at school or college or work and giving your two hundred percent to what you were great and amazing at some time. This will not only help to excel in your life but will also help you to grow emotionally.

5. Have positive feelings for what has happened: Hatred can never feed you with happiness. Happiness can only be found if you have no negativity in your heart and have peace in your mind.

Letting go of what has happened and investing in good thoughts and working on making your future happier is what is required.

REMEMBER: Break ups does not mean that the life has ended or nothing good will ever happen in your life again, in reality it is just the end of a chapter in your life and trust me, finishing one chapter leads to the hope for the beginning for another beautiful chapter. All you need to do is keep your head held high and wait for the magic to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does this kind of counseling include?

Answer: Breakup/rejection includes the counseling in which you can talk about your ex and discuss all the things about your former relationship. Even rejection from your crush can be dealt with under this counseling by our professional therapists.

Q - How can this BreakUp/Rejection counseling help me?

Answer: You can discuss all your positive as well as negative feelings about your ex with our therapists, who will then find a way to guide you in the right direction according to your issue, make you feel relaxed and help you forget about the bad moments of your life.

Q - I’m not able to get over my ex, Can you helpP me?

Answer: Yes, surely we can help you to get over your ex. Under Breakup/Rejection counseling, we listen to your previous relationships due to which you are not able to move ahead in your life, help practicing various relaxation techniques and move ahead with time.

Q - How does BreakUp/Rejection Therapy help an individual?

Answer: Getting over an ex can be very hard, that individual can get hold on our thoughts and heart for days, months and even years. And, so at times like this, we want some help from a professional who would guide us and help us move on.

Q - What can be a solution to forget my previous Relationship?

Answer: The foremost step is to stop telling yourself a lie that it was such a wonderful relationship. If it was a great relationship, then it would not have been destroyed.

Q - I can not stop Blaming myself for my previous Relationship, What do I do?

Answer: Stop, simply stop blaming yourself for whatever happened. It is never a single doing that ruins a relationship. Come and discuss your thoughts freely with a professional counselor and find a way out to move ahead in your life again.

Q - Is a cheated partner can be trusted upon again?

Answer: It all depends upon the circumstances whether that cheated partner can be trusted upon again or not. All these complex questions can be answered by our professional psychologists when you will discuss everything with them. After listening to you, they can give you the right answers to your questions.

Q - How can therapy re-build my lost relations?

Answer: Our professional therapists would find the loophole in your lost relationship and will give you the solution to your problem, which will ultimately resolve your conflict with the other person and help to re-build your lost relations.

Q - How can you change my perspective of looking at the Relationship?

Answer: Our professional therapists can help you solve any conflict arose in any of your relationships. You can always communicate openly and let the therapist find you the solution to your problem.

Q - Why Have I Faced so many rejections in my life?

Answer: This can be due to a common mistake that you must have been doing till now which has caused so many rejections. This common mistake can be found out by our professional psychologists to lead you to the right path in your life.

Written By Oas Walia