Low Self Worth

Sit back and relax all you need is a good counselling

Low Self Worth

The idea of self care is not at all selfish. Self- esteem is not self centeredness. Having low self esteem can lead to various mental health problems. What affects our self esteem differs for everyone. It’s okay to have different opinions that others disagree with, it is all about what makes you happy as you don’t have to be a people pleaser. Now think about what is affecting your self esteem. Your confidence may have lowered after a difficult experience or a series of negative events, such as:

  1. Ongoing Stress
  2. Physical illness
  3. A difficult relationship
  4. Being bullied or abused
  5. Body Image
  6. Losing your job or difficulty finding employment

What shall be expected from this kind of counseling?

Self improvement here may include decision making skills, improving confidence, increasing concentration, anxiety reduction Working to improve your self esteem takes time, requires honesty, courage and strength to confront the things in yourself and your life. Counseling helps to provide a secure and safe environment and also provides an external source of strength. A supportive therapist can be a great help in this journey. One of the essential steps of self improvement is self awareness. The clients can be asked to journal their thoughts and feelings as most people who live alone or do not have anyone whom they can share their thoughts generally tend to suppress their emotions so by journaling it they are aware of the thought pattern and also it is a great way of coping from stress, for decision making counseling therapy would include cost benefit analysis in cognitive behavioral therapy as it helps the client come to a decision. For anxiety reduction the client would be thought to practice  mindfulness as mindfulness makes them aware of the present and would reduce their fears in a greater way when practiced on daily basis.