Who Needs Counseling

Sit back and relax all you need is a good counselling

What I wish I had known before dealing with my own problems and not seeking help?

We think, We are self sufficient and strong enough We can handle it all alone We have family and friends  We are absolutely fine. We fail to understand that Counseling is a necessity and not a taboo 

There is a lot of help for people with mental illness and not just that but emotional help as well. There are therapists, doctors, hotlines and many other resources. Yet, many people tend live their lives ignoring the fact that they could be helped or could live happier. These people tend to have lived with depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship issues and various other illnesses. What’s the worse is that we know that by not reaching out for help or by delaying help, we are deliberately making things worse for ourselves. On the other hand there are people who don’t even know if they should seek help. It’s really sad but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body.

Well the truth is “ANYONE can need counseling ANYTIME”. We don’t have to be “CRAZY” to need it.

Why don’t people get help?

The main reason people don’t get help for mental illness is on the grounds that they are scared. People are scared of their illness and they’re positively scared of help for that mental illness. Truly, it’s a muddled bit of psychology, but in a nutshell – if one does not admit to the mental illness, then it isn’t really there. It’s the head in the sand approach. It occurs with all illnesses. Nobody wants to be sick so they deny it and simply hope for it to leave. Obviously, mental illness does not tend to simply “leave” by itself. People even tend to wonder that if they admit that they require help or if anyone finds out, then what would they think of them or would judge them. What they fail to understand is that “if we start bothering our minds over the fact about what would people say, then what is actually left for them to do? for we are doing the same”. It is the other person’s job to judge you and if you stop yourself from seeking help then it is your loss and not theirs. Yes, it is difficult for one to reach out because of the social norms, yet it is also important for one to understand, that their mental illness is theirs and not anyone else’s and so they are the only ones to decide when to reach out, it is for their own benefit and not anyone else’s.